In response to the coronavirus threat and to help contain its spread, the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA) decided to promote the use of e-learning by subsidised training providers – a move also aiming at faster adoption of ICTs in vocational training. To this end, the HRDA prepared a Supplement to the relevant policy and procedures guides (titled Utilising e-Learning methods in training programmes), which entered into force on 26 March 2020.

The new permission for providers of subsidised training programmes (vocational training centres and companies/organisations) to use e-learning methods applies to five schemes:

  • standard multi-company training programmes;
  • high-priority multi-company training programmes;
  • single-company training programmes,
  • single-company training programmes (State aid)
  • continuing training programmes for trade union officials.

The scheme procedures were amended as follows:

  • the physical presence of trainers in the classroom or training areas is no longer required;
  • there is no obligation for the training programme to be carried out at a certified vocational training centre or at the premises of the enterprise;
  • internet connectivity and ability to use e-learning tools and not a designated place is a precondition for all participants (organiser, trainers, trainees).

For increased flexibility, the HRDA does not specify the e-learning tools that can be used but requires a learning environment ensuring the following:

  • real time synchronous e-learning with simultaneous participation of the trainer and trainees;
  • access to the learning environment by the organiser as well as HRDA authorised representatives;
  • interaction between trainers, trainees, organisers and authorised HRDA representatives, using video, audio and text messages;
  • use of active, participatory and interactive training techniques such as teamwork, case studies, role play, simulation and hands-on training;
  • use of formative assessment by televoting;
  • recording each training meeting.

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