Did you know that adult participation in lifelong learning is almost three times the European Union (EU) average in Denmark? Or that 68% of enterprises in Estonia provide training (compared to 66% in the EU), and the percentage of early leavers from education and training in France is lower than the EU average?

You can find statistical information on vocational education and training (VET) and lifelong learning in European countries in Cedefop’s updated 2014 report.

On the way to 2020: data for vocational education and training policies – Country statistical overviews illustrates progress on 33 indicators selected for their policy relevance and contribution to Europe 2020 objectives.

Progress in key areas of education and training policy in Europe is reviewed using country-based evidence: access, attractiveness and flexibility of initial and continuous VET; investment, skill developments and labour market relevance in VET; and labour market transitions and employment trends.

This third edition results from Cedefop’s continuing efforts to update, review and improve key indicators as new and better quality data become available. The information is supplemented by a chart and short text highlighting particularly interesting findings in each country.