Why this seminar now?
Europe's employment structure has changed: one of the most important changes over the last 10 years is the increasing diversification of forms of employment. About 35% of the working-age population in the industrialised countries are not employed although they can and often would like to work. Around 18% of the total EU working population work part-time. The trend towards temporary agency work, fixed-term work, etc., is also increasing.
The seminar, organised in three sessions, will first provide an analysis of all relevant social, economic and legal aspects. Practitioners will then give examples of specific country experiences. On the second day, future perspectives will be discussed. The focus will be on the question of whether the new employment trends have potential to increase employment rates and thus economic growth.

For whom?
Officials from ministries of labour and social affairs, social partner representatives, private sector managers, lawyers and policy makers from EU Member States and countries surrounding the EU who work in employment sectors and other stakeholders concerned with labour market reforms.

Event details

Event Date(s)
13/07/2006 - 14/07/2006
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