• to enhance the cooperation between the European Commission and its neighbour countries in vocational education and training (Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Mediterranean countries, the EU-Candidate countries and the Western Balkans)
  • to facilitate an intense exchange of experience among senior/renowned experts and 
  • to discuss new priorities for further cooperation between the European Commission and its neighbours.

Austria has suggested to focus the discussion on the following issues:

  • quality in VET
  • horizontal and vertical mobility within education systems (permeability) 
  • social partners in VET 
  • donor cooperation 
  •  Lisbon and Copenhagen processes

Target group
approx. 300 participants 
Advisory Board members (approx. 120); Governing Boards members (approx. 40);  50 further experts; Representatives of the European Commission; Representatives of the European Parliament and other international organisations; politicians and journalists

Event details

Event Date(s)
07/06/2006 - 09/06/2006
Event Type
Centro Lingotto, Turin