VET in Europe is the most comprehensive information resource on vocational education and training (VET) systems in Europe. ReferNet, Cedefop’s European network, provides descriptions of national VET systems in the European Union, Norway and Iceland based on a common template designed by Cedefop.

European cooperation in VET (the Copenhagen process) considers the rich diversity of national systems and stakeholders in Member States, EFTA-EEA countries and candidate countries. It builds its success on a flexible approach for sharing experiences, working towards common goals and learning from best practices using the 'open method of coordination'.

Understanding national VET systems, their characteristics, developments and priorities is key for cooperation. With VET in Europe, Cedefop collects reviews and disseminates up-to-date comprehensive information on education and training systems through four main products:

VET in Europe database- detailed descriptions of national VET system for Luxembourg:

Section 4: Education attainment

Section 12: Validation of prior learning

Section 13: Incentives for learners

Section 15: Guidance and counselling


Download the report on Luxembourg here.


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    Good practices
    Good practice
    Cours d’orientation et d’initiation professionnelles - COIP) et cours d’initiation professionnelle à divers métiers - IPDM)

    In Luxembourg, Guidance and professional initiation courses (COIP) include a traineeship of one week or a longer period in a company, and practical classes provided by teachers in a workshop format. 

    Good practice

    The Luxembourgish Local Action for Youth can make direct contact to help early leavers from education and training thanks to the national register of pupils updated monthly by the Education Ministry.

    Good practice
    L’école de la deuxième chance - E2C

    The Second Chance School in Luxembourg (E2C) aims to re-engage early leavers back into education. The education/personal well-being and development of the learner is at the heart of the E2C pedagogy.

    Good practice
    Cours d’orientation et d’initiation professionnelles (COIP) et cours d’initiation professionnelle à divers métiers (IPDM)

    COIP/IPDM aim to equip young people with the necessary skills and competences they need to integrate into a VET programme or the labour market.


    This report discusses the rates of early leaving from VET, and the type of data collected in the country to monitor this phenomenon. The report summarises the main strategies and policy initiatives to tackle early leaving from education and training, and discusses the role played by VET. The country report was developed as background material to the Cedefop study: Leaving education early: putting vocational education and training centre stage.

    Quick wins
    Quick win

    Keep in touch: create a platform to coordinate the activities of the main stakeholders working in the field of early leaving in your area.

    Quick win

    Taster opportunities – giving young people the chance to try out different vocational areas before they choose a VET programme – help to tackle misconceptions around VET.