Programme for young people implemented by the cooperative "Jovent" offering comprehensive pathways of guidance, training, social inclusion and labour market insertion.


Young people between 16 and 30 years who have left the formal school system early and generally have a low level of educational attainment and/or factors of vulnerability.


Education level and sector

Vocational Education and Training (VET) (school based)

Type of policy/initiative



Level of implementation / Scope

Institutional level, regional level.

Stage of implementation

Since 1989.

Aims of policy/initiative

The cooperative "Jovent" is a second chance non-profit organisation promoting opportunities for young people who have left the formal school system. It aims to foster:

  1. Attachment and commitment: To establish the cooperative “Jovent” as a secure place for young people, with dedicated professionals who engage young people and facilitate their transformation.
  2. Personal and professional projects: To design and develop individual projects that have in mind the aspirations, needs and abilities of each young person.
  3. Diversity and inclusiveness: To offer various and flexible resources that allow to address individual goals from a multidimensional perspective.
  4. Accompaniment: Becoming young people's reference point for support in their integration process and transition into adulthood.
  5. Community network: To involve all members of the community and the family within the individual project of each young person.

Features and types of activities implemented

The comprehensive pathways for the integration of young people include:

  • Personal and professional guidance
  • Diverse VET programmes
  • Guidance during job search
  • Individual and family support
  • Community network with other organisations


The programme is funded by the regional Ministry of Labour, Commerce and Industry of the Government of the Balearic Islands (Spain).

National and EFS Funding (50%) of EUR 1,134,000 were dedicated in 2018. A total of 28 professionals were involved in implementation of activities.

Evaluation of the measure

An evaluation conducted by the University of Balearic Islands based on the narrations of the young people, identified the following key success factors in completion of the pathway:

  • Individualised approach and consideration of the young person as a whole.
  • Contents of the training and apprenticeships carried out.
  • Methodological strategies enhancing autonomous learning and success dynamics, with a strong practical component.
  • Attachment link
  • Educational environment

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Evidence of effectiveness of the measure

Data from internal monitoring shows that:

  • 94% of young people are early school leavers when they start the pathway.
  • 67% of young people who followed the training pathway obtained an occupational certificate. 10% of them continue training at upper secondary VET or in adult education (Compulsory Secondary School Completion Certificate).
  • 15% of young people who followed the pathway “Guidance + Support in finding a job” get involved in some type of education or training. Among these, 53% enroll in adult education (Compulsory Secondary Education Completion Certificate), 23.5% in upper secondary VET and 23.5% undertake training that leads to an occupational certificate.

Success factors

  • Role of the tutor: Welcomes young people and supports the development of their personal and professional project, accompanies and engages them throughout the process.
  • Active search of companies: Professionals exclusively dedicated to the business tracking, and follow up of practical training and job insertion processes.
  • Professional Test Modules: Multi-professional space where young people can try out professions and become aware of his/hers abilities and preferences before choosing a specific training.
  • Digital transformation: In collaboration with the University of the Balearic Islands, integration of ICTs (tablets, computers, wifi, interactive multimedia materials) that are adapted to occupational certificates and to young people with low educational level. There is also a virtual environment of teaching and learning (VLE).
  • Positive attitude and openness to everyone: The professionals offer an open and unprejudiced support. Treating all young people positively so that they feel welcomed and heard. Jovent activities are based on unconditional positive regard, accurate empathy, and genuineness.
  • Accompaniment and monitoring throughout the entire process: Group and individual tutoring; follow-ups with parents and/or guardians; working network: coordination with external professionals linked to the process, such as social workers, counselors, etc.
  • Individualised and flexible work plans: developing a personal and professional project from the expressed career preferences, guiding and connecting young person to other possible pathways or resources (internal and/or external) that can respond to their needs. Always taking into account the gender perspective through transversal actions and measures of positive action.
  • Specific services for young people and families: Psychotherapeutic support and mediations.
  • On-going evaluation and improvement: Since 1998, uninterrupted co-assessment of projects with the University of the Balearic Islands, exchanging of know-how and improvement measures to help young people to return to education and training.

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