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Title Country Focus area Policy area Skills matching focus Use of labour market intelligence
Competent based matching BE
Development of a Workforce Competence Assessment System by Sectors and Regions (CASSY) BG
National Reference Framework website. BG
Croatian Qualifications Framework (CROQF) Web portal HR
Education and Work CZ
OSKA -System of labour market monitoring and future skills forecasting EE
Anticipation for jobs and occupations FR
PROSIMA apprenticeship market model DE
Qualification and Occupational Fields Projections DE
Diagnosis, monitoring and analysis of developments and medium-term changes in skills in jobs/specialities GR
Mechanism for Labour Market Diagnosis GR
Sectoral and occupational foresight mechanism (Foresight Lab) GR
Sector skills councils HU
Qualification Needs Anticipation System PT
Sectoral Councils for Qualifications PT
Partnership analysis and labour market forecasting system with continuing adaptation to economic dynamics RO
National programme for the development of education (NPDE) SK
INCUAL (National Qualifications Institute) ES
National Reference Centres for VET ES
Observatory of Occupations of the Central PES ES
Sectoral Joint Committees ES