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Work-based learning (WBL) has risen rapidly in the policy agenda over recent years in the European Union.

Efforts to strengthen WBL, particularly in vocational education and training (VET), are increasingly common throughout European countries. This report analyses the 2016 EU labour force survey (EU-LFS) ad hoc module, which covers the topic of young people on the labour market. The report focuses on WBL in formal initial education and training. It aims to provide EU-wide updated statistical evidence addressing key aspects: how many young graduates experienced work-based learning as part of their highest education attained, particularly in VET and in tertiary education; who they are; and how well they do on the labour market, in comparison with their counterparts who have not participated in WBL.

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The role of work-based learning in VET and tertiary education

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The role of work-based learning in VET and tertiary education

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