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Vocational education and training in Poland is mostly organised in schools and is known as ‘vocational education’. It is undergoing major reform to improve quality and labour-market relevance, with increasing focus on improving system flexibility and responsiveness to labour-market needs. The measures taken include greater involvement of employers in curriculum design and assessment, modernisation of vocational qualification classifications, moving to a learning outcomes approach, and making it more attractive for highly qualified specialists to work in vocational schools. Vocational education is also being opened to adults, who may use it to obtain a vocational qualification.

The report summarises the country’s socioeconomic background and planned VET reforms. It explains how VET for young people and adults is currently organised and addresses topics such as teachers and trainers, guidance and counselling, and financing.


Vocational education and training in Poland

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Kształcenie i szkolenie zawodowe w Polsce

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