According to figures from the Directorate of Education and Training, 20 800 vocational students received apprenticeship training in companies in 2017. This is 72% of all students who applied for it; it is the highest number and the largest proportion since measurements started in 2011 and is a 15% increase from 2013.

The positive trend demonstrates that a focus on vocational education and training (VET) produces results. With more apprenticeships, more students get the opportunity to complete their education and enter the labour market.

All counties have provided more apprenticeship opportunities, but they differ in the proportion of applicants who have received an apprenticeship. Rogaland and Oslo are on top with 78%, while Østfold is at the bottom with 61%.

As 2018 is the national year of VET, the social partners will engage to promote the possibilities for choosing vocational subjects. The government, together with the Christian Democratic Party and the Liberal Party, increased the apprenticeship subsidy by NOK 21 000 per contract to raise company interests in taking apprentices. They also introduced a requirement that businesses that want to win public tenders must take on apprentices. Also, in 2018, VET will be strengthened by NOK 70 million, with some of the money going to recruiting of apprenticeships in the counties.