In June 2023, a new government published its programme, including objectives in the areas of education, knowledge and competences, and as part of them, vocational education and training (VET).

The objectives for VET include combatting early leaving, promoting apprenticeships and training agreements, and guaranteeing access to contact teaching, workplace instruction and support for learning. The programme also foresees restructuring the VET funding and introducing stronger incentives for training providers to ensure that learners complete their studies, find employment or continue to further studies. This goes along with reviewing and monitoring the performance-based indicators used in financing and introducing incentives for VET learners to acquire microcredentials.

The programme also aims at strengthening cooperation between VET and business and industry to ensure that VET better meets the needs of the labour market. It also strives for more VET in English and more physical and health education.

Some of the objectives consider the education and training system more broadly, yet are still connected to VET. These include ensuring that everyone completes at least upper secondary education, drafting a report on the effectiveness of preparatory education for programmes leading to a qualification (TUVA), and creating a more consistent and integrated approach to supporting learning from early childhood to upper secondary education level.

These objectives will serve as a guideline that the government intends to follow throughout its term of office.

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