Cedefop is committed to contributing extensively to the European Year of Skills 2023 (EYS2023), which comes at a crucial point, with skills being at the centre of a fundamental labour market transformation as the greening and digitalisation of the economy gain speed.

This is the message that Cedefop Executive Director Jürgen Siebel brought home during the annual exchange of views of decentralised European Union Agencies and the European Parliament's Committee on Employment and Social Affairs on 24 January.

As Mr Siebel noted, Cedefop has been reflecting on how best to leverage its evidence and expertise on skills and on vocational education and training (VET) as part of EYS2023 and has resolved to build on its established lines of work in order to take the VET, skills and employment perspective to the digital and green transitions and other transformations and to provide evidence-based insights that help countries, regions and social partners deal with the crisis that is becoming the new normal.

A change driver

'We see the Year of Skills as a change driver and believe it is a great opportunity to champion people and their skills as the critical link between EU and national policy aims and targets and making real and tangible progress towards them,' Mr Siebel added, underlining that for Cedefop the 'skills revolution' should be about building skills and making the best possible use them, expanding learning potential in jobs, closing skills gaps and shortages, alleviating skills mismatches, building up good continuing VET (CVET) and career support systems, and capitalising on promising mobility opportunities.

Presenting the Agency's work during 2022, among others Cedefop's Executive Director pointed out the Agency's continued success in terms of scientific research and policy advice production and outreach as well as stakeholder satisfaction.

Cedefop Executive Director at the European Parliament's Committee on Employment and Social Affairs - 24/1/2023 } digitalisation

Permaskilling' to tackle permacrisis

He also focused on Cedefop's work on workplace transformation, a trend that was accelerated in recent years due to the pandemic and its repercussions, pointing to the crucial importance of skills intelligence and bringing SkillsOVATE as an example of almost-real-time job and skills demand monitoring tool.

Mr Siebel also referred to the work Cedefop has been doing on the greening and digitalisation of the economy and what the European Green Deal entails and demands from the work of education and work, while demonstrating that young people are often disadvantaged despite their head start when it comes to the twin transitions.

Cedefop Executive Director at the European Parliament's Committee on Employment and Social Affairs - 24/1/2023 | greening

'In 2022, we became quite familiar with what permacrisis means. We hope the European year of skills will help make a strong case for ‘permaskilling’. By linking different lines of work, surveys, expertise and insight and by using our evidence as a guide to a society where learning is really the new normal, I can assure you that Cedefop is fully committed to contributing towards that aim,' Mr Siebel concluded.

For a video of Jürgen Siebel's presentation, click here.