This document accompanies the Commission Communication ‘Innovation Union: Transforming Europe through Research and Innovation’, which launches the flagship initiative on research and innovation announced in the Europe 2020 strategy for jobs and growth.

This report examines the rationale for these policy priorities and reviews the supporting evidence for the specific actions proposed for the Innovation Union.

  • Section 2 discusses the rationale for the overall Innovation Union – a new, more strategic and distinctive European approach to innovation.
  • Section 3 concentrates on the measures needed to strengthen the European knowledge base and reduce the current fragmentation of support initiatives.
  • Section 4 presents the rationales underpinning the main policy measures proposed in the Innovation Union to remove obstacles preventing innovative firms getting good ideas to market.
  • Section 5 highlights the steps needed to increase the social benefits of innovation and ensure their widespread distribution across all parts of the EU.
  • Section 6 focuses on the evidence and arguments underpinning the proposed European Innovation Partnerships.
  • Section 7 examines the rationale for activities designed to expand international cooperation and exploit a new world of opportunities.
  • Section 8 considers the steps needed to make the Innovation Union a reality, reviews the rationale for the EU to support Member States in their efforts to improve their innovation systems and suggests ways of doing this.

Reference: SEC (2010) 1161, 6.10.2010