Estonian VET providers, together with other stakeholders, are seeking opportunities for greening in VET in the context of the energy crisis, climate change, and deteriorating environmental conditions affecting Europe, and in line with the objectives of the European Green Deal, the Circular Economy Action Plan, and the long-term development strategies of Estonia.

Achieving climate neutrality, transitioning to the circular economy, and strengthening economic competitiveness while preserving our natural environment require the VET sector to analyse and redesign its current activities, the organisation of studies and learning environments, integrate new knowledge and skills into curricula, and update the competence profile of teachers and trainers.

Estonian VET does not start the green transition from scratch. In 2007-13, the VET infrastructure was thoroughly reconstructed with the support of EU funds. One of the requirements for these investments was making schools more environmentally friendly: energy-efficient heating solutions were installed, and waste management systems were renewed.

Now, the expert group for VET (VET team), the Estonian Association for Advancement of VET, and the Estonian Erasmus+ Agency have taken the lead in supporting the green transition of VET. Starting from the autumn of 2022, the VET team is holding a series of online monthly meetings called ‘Rohehommik’ (Green Morning) to support environmentally conscious VET. All those interested can meet experts in the fields of green economy, green policies, circular economy and sustainability, and discuss options for integrating environmental topics into VET.

The meetings have so far focused on the circular economy, responsible business in the hospitality sector, and the ‘Rohetiiger’ (Green Tiger) initiative. The Green Tiger is an inter-sectoral cooperation platform that was launched in 2020, which seeks a green development leap in the Estonian society through cooperation between four groups – entrepreneurs, the public sector, NGOs and individuals.

In November 2022, the Association and the Erasmus+ Agency are organising an event called ‘Green awakening – Environmentally conscious VET’. Representatives of VET schools, school managers, local governments, and other stakeholders can visit sustainable companies promoting green ideas and engaging in the circular economy, whose experience, success stories, or activities could inspire VET.

The participants will explore the steps necessary to move towards a green office or school, or how a production process should be adapted to manufacture products with a minimal ecological footprint, for example. They will also have an opportunity to visit an appliance repair shop, a technological company involved in the circular economy where new smart devices are made from used ones, and a car manufacturer of solar cars. In the following sessions, VET schools are going to introduce examples of their environmental initiatives and discuss options for integrating green topics into curricula, the design of study environments, etc.

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ReferNet Estonia; Cedefop (2022). Estonia: VET prepares for the green transition with awareness raising. National news on VET. [link]


Please cite this news item as: ReferNet Estonia; Cedefop (2022). VET prepares for the green transition with awareness raising. National news on VET

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