On December 2022, the Cyprus Lifelong learning strategy (CyLLLS) 2021-27 was presented at an event, organised by the education ministry and the Foundation for the Management of European Lifelong Learning Programmes.

The European and International Affairs, Lifelong Learning and Adult Education Office of the education ministry is responsible for the coordination of the national and technical committees and various other stakeholders involved in the development and updating of the CyLLLS.


The vision of the CyLLLS is to provide a long-term strategic framework for the development of a knowledge-based society, where all citizens are provided with learning opportunities, to develop the necessary skillset and mindset for personal professional advancement and wellbeing, and to contribute to social inclusion and resilience. The CyLLLS is fully aligned with the objectives and priorities of the Erasmus+ programme.

Strategic priorities

For achieving this vision, four strategic priorities (key objectives) were set:

  • establishing a governance, monitoring, and evaluation framework that entails policy arrangements, action plans with clear stakeholder roles, and sound financial management. Key performance indicators and criteria will be developed to ensure quality assurance and continuous improvements;
  • reducing youth unemployment and upskilling/reskilling young people and the wider workforce (with emphasis on people at risk) through the provision of learning opportunities aligned with labour market needs, and oriented towards the achievement of the digital and green transitions;
  • increasing adult participation in lifelong learning by improving the quality of the adult education sector, providing incentives to individuals and enterprises, eliminating barriers, and improving counselling and guidance services;
  • supporting educators of all education levels in developing lifelong learning skills with particular emphasis on adult educators and trainers.

Action plan

An action plan with indicative actions towards the accomplishment of each priority was developed in consultation with all key stakeholders and social partners. The plan will support the national and technical committees to implement and monitor the strategy efficiently, and will guide future efforts. It will also act as an instrument for setting timetables and coordinating activities of different authorities within the national lifelong learning system.

The CyLLLS was developed with the financial support of the European Union and was approved by the Council of Ministers on September 30, 2022 (Decision No: 93.682).

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Cyprus Lifelong Learning Strategy 2021-27


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