The preparation of Cedefop Skills Forecast is supported by a network of country experts (Individual Country Experts).  The ICEs contribute to increasing the quality of the forecasts by commenting and validating the methods, tools, and results. Cedefop organises regular technical workshops to provide a platform for experts to meet and provide direct feedback to Cedefop. The aim of the workshops is to involve national experts in the process of preparing a Skills Forecast release, drawing not only on their knowledge and expertise in skills forecasting, but also on their country specific insights.

The workshop provided an opportunity to bring together Cedefop, the research team, and the group of individual country experts to:

  • Validate the results of the updated projections for the 2025 release.
  • Discuss inputs for the two sensitivities that will accompany the baseline projections.
  • Present the on-going work on labour shortages and receive feedback.