Can I apply for more than one posts?

Yes, it is possible to apply for more than one post. However, you are required to complete a new application form for each post you apply for. A unique protocol number is given to each application submitted and it is valid only for the specific selection procedure.


If I made a mistake or forgot to attach a document but have already submitted my application, can I ask HR to correct or attach the document?

No, Cedefop HR cannot correct, modify or delete an application submitted by a candidate. If you realise that you have made a mistake or omission after you have already submitted your application, but before the deadline, you may apply again using a different username. In this case, you should also inform HR by e-mail at HR-recruitment [at] which of the two applications is to be considered further.

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the information provided in the application form and the motivation and preselection form are complete, correct and consistent with your CV and that you submit the application before the deadline.

No changes can be made to your application after the vacancy deadline.

Can reference letters or additional documents be sent separately from the on-line application, by e-mail or post?

No, documents sent separately from the on-line application will be disregarded.

I have obtained my certificate/degree in a non-European Union country. Do I need a certification of equivalency?

Yes. Degrees issued from any educational institution of a non-EU country may be submitted provided they are recognised in at least one of the EU countries. In such cases, you will have to ensure that you are in a position to prove the official recognition (e.g. Naric certification).

Degrees issued by an UK educational institution before the Brexit are valid and thus no certification of equivalency is needed.

I do not have the required years of experience, can I apply anyway?

If your application does not meet all eligibility requirements it will be excluded already in the first phase of the selection process. Note that in assessing whether you have the years of experience required for the job, Cedefop takes into consideration solely the information entered into the electronic application form.

Is there an age limit on applying?

There is no age limit. However, please note that the current mandatory retirement age is 66.

Once I have submitted my application, how do I log in again?

You will no longer have access to your application once you submit it (see also the instructions to applicants).

Why can I not enter more than 100% work experience? I worked full time at an office during the day and was teaching at night.

Cedefop accepts only one full-time equivalent (100%) work experience even when you have had parallel jobs resulting in more than 100% on any given period.

You may, however, insert parallel jobs by adjusting the percentages accordingly (i.e. 50% for each), enter your full-time office job in the electronic application form and describe your teaching experience in the motivation and preselection form or the attached CV.

How can I get more information about the written test and/or interview?

For information on the written tests and/or interview, please refer to the vacancy notice. The vacancy notice lists the areas of professional knowledge and competencies that the interview covers and provides general information on what will be tested in the written test.

Shortlisted candidates will be informed whether EU knowledge and/or 3rd language knowledge will be tested during the test and interview.

Cedefop does not provide sample tests.

I was working while I did my bachelor, how can I enter this information in the application form?

If it is your bachelor’s degree that is giving access to the selection procedure, this work experience cannot be taken into account. Only the work experience accumulated after the date you obtained your degree can be taken into account.

If it is your secondary education diploma that gives access to the selection procedure, you can enter the work experience (part time/full time) during your bachelor studies in the relevant section of the application form. In the latter case, please make sure you have attached your secondary education diploma and additional diplomas, if any, under ‘other documents’.

I served my military service before/during my studies and in my country military service is obligatory. Does this count as work experience?

Yes, it does. Even if you have completed your military service before the date you obtained your degree obligatory, military service counts as work experience.

I have not done my military service yet but, in case I get the job I could finish it within one month. How do I reflect this in the application form?

Cedefop would not postpone the starting date to accommodate military service obligations of an individual. You must have fulfilled your military service obligations by the date of taking up duties.

I have worked as self-employed consultant. What documents would I have to submit as a proof of work experience?

For periods during which you have worked free-lance or self-employed, you must provide either a practicing certificate (or equivalent), or a copy of the entry in the relevant trade register, and any other official document (e.g. a tax document) showing the length of the relevant professional experience and the related income.


Which degree is the one giving access to the selection procedure?

The degree giving access to the selection procedure is clearly stated in the vacancy notice, under ‘eligibility criteria’.  

It is very important that in your application you choose and attach the correct degree giving access to the selection process as the system will start counting your professional experience after the date you obtained this degree.

I have passed an EPSO competition and would like to apply for a post in Cedefop. Is this possible?

As an EU agency Cedefop organises its own selection procedures that are not linked to EPSO competitions. You therefore have to apply as all other applicants through a selection process organised by Cedefop.

Does Cedefop use the EPSO permanent CAST lists for selection of Contract Agents?

Yes, occasionally Cedefop may use the EPSO CAST Permanent lists for the selection of Contract Agents. If you are on a CAST Permanent lists and your profile matches the requirements of an open position, Cedefop might contact you for the further steps of the selection process.

For information on EPSO permanent CAST lists and how to apply, please see EPSO website.

May I submit an open/unsolicited/spontaneous application?

No. Cedefop does not accept any spontaneous applications.

If you are interested in Cedefop vacancies please visit the recruitment section of our website regularly.

Can I still apply if I have missed the deadline?

No. Even if you had started but had not completed and submitted your application before the deadline, you will not be able to do so after the application deadline has expired.

For reasons of equal treatment of all candidates, no exceptions can be made.

On-line applications are accepted only before the deadline stated in the vacancy notice. It is advisable to submit the application well ahead of the deadline in order to avoid possible problems during the final days before the closing date.

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I am a UK citizen. Can I still apply?

To apply to Cedefop selection procedures, you must be a citizen of at least one EU Member State.

If you are a UK citizen and you have a second citizenship of an EU Member State you can still apply.

If you only have UK citizenship, you can no longer apply after 31/01/2020.

If in the future you obtain the citizenship of an EU Member State, you will have the right to apply to Cedefop selection procedures.

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