The English version of this paper was produced by the author on the basis of the Greek version.

This survey investigates the trainee dropout from Patras Public Vocational Training Institute (PVTI) in Greece. The survey took place in summer of 2020. 53 participants who dropped out participated and the data was collected based on a questionnaire.

The investigative questions were about the motives of training and reasons for the dropout. They included proposals of the participants for the improvement of the studies – services offered by Patras PVTI. Finding employment relevant to their chosen specialty is the most powerful motive for enrolling while obtaining a second study certificate is the second one. The reasons for dropping out include the Institute’s timetable, finding a job and financial emergencies that came up during the studying period. Regarding the improvement proposals, changing the timetable, eliminating absences or increasing their limit as well as lack of material and technical resources are the most prevalent ones.



Trainee dropout from Patras Public Vocational Training Institute


Διαρροή καταρτιζομένων από το ΔΙΕΚ Πάτρας