Quality improvement, professionalisation and modernisation of VET training for young low-skilled learners through the use of modern ICT.


VET teachers and trainers, Young low-skilled learners in VET.

Date of creation of toolkit and periodicity of updates


Purpose of the toolkit

Promotion of use communication methods and processes in VET training for young low-skilled learners. Raising awareness and improving competences of VET trainers across Europe of popular “smart” communication channels used by young people and providing trainers with methods and tools to include these channels into their didactics and training plans.

Description of each of the tools

To support VET trainers and teachers in improving their training process by using modern “smart” tools as didactical instruments rather than just a means for communication, the PROMOVET project developed the following products:

  • Investigation Study – a research paper that provides information on what “smart” tools young learners use today and how they use them.
  • Web-based Compendium of Communication Tools – publication which will provide a detailed overview of 30 “smart” tools and how they can be used in the VET training process.
  • Training Programme – the partnership is developing a five-days’ training programme for VET trainers and teachers. During it, the trainers and teachers will learn how to didactically implement “smart” communication tools used by their learners into their training and teaching process. The training will follow an inclusive approach, where the young learners become the experts to teach their trainers and teachers.

Type of guidance given to users

The field of implementing “smart” communication tools in the didactic learning process is new and not many methods exist so far. Therefore, project aims to provide ground-breaking work through comprehensive compendium for research as well as up-skilling VET trainers and teachers in this area.

Source of information of the different tools

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission, Erasmus + programme.

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Promovet website