This is a report commissioned by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training with the aim to describe the profile of pupils that attend second chance schools after having left the education system earlier than expected or unsuccessfully.  It presents date of the cohort enrolled in the 43 accredited second chance schools associated in schoolyear 2020/2021, with data from over 2000 youth, more than ¼ of the total. 
The report describes the social context of these youth, their family support, living conditions and leisure patterns. It also analyses their school record that led them to abandon education or to fail in achieving successful completion; contrasting these results with how they attend second chance schools, what it is that they value and how they describe their experience in them.
The report includes two final chapter covering what are the views of the managers of second chance schools and those of the professional teams, and finishes by suggesting ways to improve their impact.



La formación en las Escuelas de Segunda Oportunidad (E2O) acreditadas en España: perfil, trayectoria y condiciones de éxito de las y los jóvenes


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