School personnel and mediators for school and out-of-school support of Roma children in education

Country/ies or organisation that developed the tool

Council of Europe, EU/international

Date of creation of toolkit and periodicity of updates


Purpose of the toolkit

Guidance on best practices (to improve the design of policies and practices)

Description of each of the tools

The guide is intended to provide staff with wide-ranging tools and practical guidelines that can be adapted to different contexts. The guide considers the profiles of school mediators and assistants, as well as their role in facilitating relations between the school and the Roma community(ies), between teachers and other school staff and parents of Roma children. The guide is therefore designed to help improve the work of Roma school mediators and assistants by providing structured day-to-day activities and highlighting aspects of mediation that are often not used in practice.

Type of guidance given to users

The guide provides advice and guidance, and discusses:

  • what Roma school mediation is
  • the role and responsibilities of a Roma school mediator
  • the essential skills of Roma school mediators
  • organisational suggestions - various examples of activities to be implemented at different stages of the mediation process (beginning, midterm, etc.) and guidance on how to evaluate the implementation of the action plan
  • practical guidelines on how to work/deal with school management

Source of information of the different tools

Council of Europe, Directorate of Education and Languages, Division for the European Dimension of Education. Designed by Mihaela Zatreanu and Calin Rus.

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