This is the first of a series of activities that you can use to promote reflection and good practice on how to tackle early leaving from education and training.

Activity details:

Target group:

the main target group of this activity are VET practitioners. Policy-makers and experts who would like to provide guidance or training, or develop tools, to help practitioners identify learners at risk of early leaving, can also find this activity useful.


1 hour 30 minutes, divided into two tasks: task 1 (30 minutes) and task 2 (60 minutes).

Type of exercises:

individual work, guided consultation of Cedefop toolkit, and work in small groups. Plenary sessions involving participants from several small groups can follow at the end of each task to discuss the results.

Download the activity document: Activity 1: How can we know if a learner is at risk of early leaving from education and training?

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Irene Psifidou