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This study analyses the role of labour market information (LMI) in career guidance and career education, including the main challenges.

It examines relevant national cases and highlights the fundamental role of guidance in enabling citizens to use LMI successfully to make decisions about learning and their careers. Important policy messages are extracted, dealing with stakeholder cooperation, quality of LMI, appropriate use of LMI in schools and employment services, new technologies and the skills of practitioners and teaching staff.

The practitioner LMI toolkits presented in the study were discussed at Cedefop’s ‘LMI for lifelong guidance’ workshop on 16 May 2016. Read the meeting’s conclusions on how to develop and take these blueprints further to serve Member States’ interests better.



Labour market information and guidance

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Labour market information and guidance

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Executive summary

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Case study Austria

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Case study Belgium

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Case study Canada

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Case study Croatia

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Case study Czech Republic

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Case study Denmark

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Case study England

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Case study Estonia


Case study Finland

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Case study Germany

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Case study Greece

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Case study Netherlands

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Conclusions workshop LMI in guidance final

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