In an exclusive interview on Europe Day, European Commission Vice-President Margaritis Schinas shares his views on skills, on what the Commission does to promote them and on how people can benefit from the European Year of Skills, which starts today.

Mr Schinas recognises that skills shortages pose a big problem for the European labour market, and he sees the Year as a way of giving back to young Europeans who suffered during the pandemic 'opportunities in education, training, mobility and in the job market.'

He argues that 'we have the political will, we have the regulatory framework, we have unprecedented resources, and we are now building the necessary synergies and awareness to make this Year work at all levels,' adding that 'we never had so much money for skills in the EU.'

He also calls for a 'de-Brusselisation' of the initiative as 'taking the Year out of Brussels would help immensely with its success.' As part of this process, ‘the European Year of Skills should become the ownership of all the structures we have on the ground: InfoPoints, representations in the Member States, Europe Direct centres, but also the many local stakeholders, providers and learners that have been consistently involved in skills development work on the ground – and we have many, not only universities, but social partners, even businesses.’

Margaritis Schinas talking to Rosy Voudouri for the Cedefop podcast
Vice-President Schinas interviewed by Rosy Voudouri at the Cedefop studio

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