Cedefop has now brought its redesigned and updated Web pages under a new roof. The new Web portal is designed primarily with the needs of policy-makers in mind, but also aims to serve the needs of researchers and practitioners in the field of vocational education and training.
Our ambition is to provide easy access to vital information about vocational education and training in Europe - especially, but not exclusively, Cedefop’s own work. 

As you will see, we have organised content in a completely new way. Rather than present our work by project, we now gather it under four broad themes. The themes (identifying skills needs; understanding qualifications; analysing VET policy; and developing lifelong learning) are visible on the left column of all our Web pages. To further simplify your search, all content is indexed against a controlled vocabulary list.

The new portal also provides links to communication tools. We encourage you to subscribe to our free newsletter, download our publications, browse the Library and explore our statistics and indicators. 

Journalists will find all the links they need under Press Corner.

As you explore the portal you can easily locate information on:

  • who we are;
  • how to contact us;
  • which events we are planning;
  • what’s new in European policy on vocational education and training. 

The new portal also offers extranets that serve the VET community, especially with the aim of exchanging best practices.  

Happy browsing!

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