CollegesWales, the Wales’ national contact point for the European qualifications framework, completed in 2016 their research on the European master craftsperson qualifications. Part of this research was to evaluate, whether there is a desire for creating a master craftsperson qualification route in Wales. The research considers the viability and potential uptake of such programmes in Wales and the introduction of master craftsperson frameworks at EQF levels 4 and 5.

These frameworks will include multiple strands of qualifications and learning, including sector specific, management and teaching/coaching qualifications, supported by a time framed work record. In the first instance there is a focus on the following sectors:

  • business management and administration
  • construction
  • engineering
  • finance
  • health and social care
  • hospitality and tourism

The aim of adopting the master craftsperson designation in Wales is to ensure that the business sector will have no barriers to working overseas, to ensure that best practice models are adopted, and to be more effective in attracting foreign direct investment.

The proposed sector-specific master craftsperson frameworks have the potential to market existing high level skills while recognising the learning that contributes to the profitability and productivity of a business in the hands of the master craftsperson. It is hoped that the new designation can be instrumental in bringing about a shift in work based learning across Wales.

CollegesWales is currently conducting further research and collecting questionnaire responses from employees, businesses and skills providers to decide how best to proceed.

Master Craftperson in CollegesWales

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