Cedefop supports the Council resolution on better integrating lifelong guidance into lifelong learning strategies that fully acknowledges Cedefops research work and its leading institutional role in lifelong guidance.

The core message of this report is that there is a huge variation across Europe in terms of professional training available, competences and qualifications acquired through such training, roles and functions carried out by guidance practitioners and settings in which guidance services are offered.

The report is a valuable reference source, especially for policy- and decision-makers as well as trainers of guidance practitioners in education and employment. We hope that this report will stimulate future action in the Member States on developing competences and qualifications for career guidance practitioners, as well as reinforcing their role in assuring high quality in service delivery.



Reference: Professionalising career guidance Practitioner competences and qualification routes in Europe. Cedefop Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities 2009. (Cedefop Panorama series; 164 
ISSN 1562-6180.  ISBN 978-92-896-0572-4. Cat. No: TI-AF-09-001-EN-C
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