The European Commission presents its new vision for the future of vocational education and training.

VET is chosen by an average of around 50% of all students in upper secondary education. However, the sector needs to be modernised to make it a more attractive and high-quality option, so that it provides young people with the right skills to find a suitable job and adults with an opportunity to update skills throughout their working life.

The plans adopted by the Commission  outline several possible ways to give vocational education and training a new impetus. They include:

  • Ensuring access to training and qualifications is flexible and open at all stages of life;
  • Promoting mobility to make it easier to gain experience abroad, or in a different sector of the economy;
  • Ensuring the highest possible quality of education and training;
  • Providing more opportunities for disadvantaged groups such as school drop-outs, the low-skilled and unemployed, people with migrant backgrounds and the disabled;
  • Nurturing creative, innovative and entrepreneurial thinking in students.