As of 30 April 2022, around 5 000 persons displaced from Ukraine have been welcomed in Luxembourg. Many measures were taken to promote their integration in education and the labour market.

All displaced persons from Ukraine who arrive in Luxembourg must supply their contact information to the Directorate of Immigration of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, so that they may apply for temporary protection status. By the end of April 2022, more than half of those who had arrived, i.e. 2 624 Ukrainian refugees, had applied for temporary protection and so had free access to the labour market for as long as their temporary protection certificate remains valid.

Educational continuity for learners up to age 18

Children under the age of 18 have the right to access the education system (including IVET) under the same conditions as Luxembourgish residents. School attendance is compulsory between ages 4 and 16. The Department for the Schooling of Newly Arrived Children (SECAM) of the Ministry of Education has set up a single point of contact for families from Ukraine, with hotlines available in English and Ukrainian.

School provision for Ukrainian refugee children and young people is mainly organised by six international public schools which set up English-speaking reception classes specifically for them. Once the children are ready, they can move on to join a regular international class including VET. Depending on the age of the pupils and their progress in learning, a second language will be added, either German or French.

If it is difficult to access this international school offer (e.g. if living in a remote region), Ukrainian refugee pupils are admitted to regular primary schools in the municipalities. Classes are mainly taught in Luxembourgish, with German and French learned later.

Recent graduates of Ukrainian upper secondary education, who have not been in higher education for at least one year previously, have the opportunity to prepare for a Luxembourgish national diploma, DAES, during a one-year course offered by the National School for Adults (ENAD). Up to May 2022, 23 learners had registered for the preliminary language training in French that takes place during the summer months.

For the target group of young secondary school leavers, a summer school of the Diploma + programme, bridging the transition between school and employment or higher education, will be set up by the Ministry of Education’s VET department (SFP).

Adjusting school staff provision and qualification

The training Institute of National Education (IFEN) offers courses for teachers and school staff on how to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for new learners. They also provide elements on how to handle the background and the challenges faced by families who have taken refuge in the country, detailing which resources and competences are needed, and which help can be offered.

The department for school integration has been recruiting intercultural mediators of Ukrainian or Ukrainian speakers. They facilitate lessons under the direction of teachers to assist the learners and ensure the link between parents and school personnel.

Integration of Ukrainian adults through education and employment

According to the two laws of 18 December 2015, one on the reception of applicants for international protection and the other on international protection and temporary protection, the following applies:

  • applicants have access to vocational training;
  • activities such as employment-related training opportunities for adults, vocational training, including skills training, practical workplace experience and counselling services provided by the PES, are also offered to beneficiaries of international protection.

Ukrainian adults currently in Luxembourg have not yet needed to participate in back-to-education programmes, which allow, inter alia, to obtain the final year of lower technical secondary education leading to upper technical secondary education and to VET. The Department of Adult Learning at the Ministry of Education gives priority in setting language courses in French, German and English.

Once adults have been formally granted temporary protection status, they can register as job seekers with the PES (ADEM, National Employment Agency), providing them access to various assistance measures for their job search:

  • guidance in the search for employment;
  • employment measures;
  • access to vocational training.

Up to May, seven individuals have taken part in employment measures.

Employers wishing to hire Ukrainians with temporary protection status registered at the PES (ADEM) can contact the employers’ department of the PES.

Validation and recognition of prior learning and qualifications

Ukrainians with temporary protection status have access to validation of prior learning at different levels of education, including VET, which facilitates access to employment.

Displaced persons may require recognition of their education level, equivalence of diplomas and professional qualifications acquired abroad to diplomas in Luxembourg, to obtain a licence to practise one of the following:

  • craft activity (qualification must be equivalent to the vocational aptitude diploma (DAP) or the Master Craftsman certificate);
  • certain commercial or liberal activities (qualification must be equivalent to the vocational aptitude diploma (DAP).

The procedures to be followed for those with temporary protection status are the same as for other EU citizens.

Professional qualifications obtained are recognised provided that the holder can prove:

  • a formal qualification which gives access to the profession in another EU Member State;
  • or, if the profession is not regulated in Ukraine:
  1. one year's full-time professional experience during the past 10 years;
  2. a certificate of competence or a formal qualification.

The content and duration of the training course must closely match the conditions of access to the profession required in Luxembourg.

Online information for Ukrainian refugees

To help people who have fled Ukraine to access the Luxembourg labour market, various information was published online:


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