The Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA) has developed an integrated ICT system aiming at substantial improvements in its operations and services by increasing efficiency and effectiveness while reducing bureaucracy and operational/administrative costs.

The new system includes various subsystems, such as electronic archiving, accounting system, human resource system, internal portal, as well as a digital platform called ‘Hermes’ (Ερμής), which, when fully implemented, will cover all operational needs and services provided by the HRDA using modern information communication technologies (ICT).

The system significantly enhances the use of new information technologies by the organisation itself while contributing to the promotion of the use of ICT and digital skills, both by HRDA staff and its partners.

The ‘Hermes’ digital portal provides easy access to all schemes and systems operated by the HRDA, with simple, user-friendly procedures, guiding the user through the registration process as well as the submission of applications, their processing and progress monitoring, including the payment of subsidies.

At this stage, the ‘Hermes’ digital portal allows external users to register as an entity (physical person, legal entity, consortium, government body), under each user’s particular status (employer, trainer of vocational training, vocational training facility, vocational training centre and centre for assessment of vocational qualifications).

Also, as of 1/1/2022, the applications for participation in the scheme for the employment and training of tertiary education graduates and the scheme for the training of the long-term unemployed in enterprises/organisations are submitted only electronically through ‘Hermes’.

All schemes and systems operated by the HRDA are expected to be included in ‘Hermes’ during 2022.

The new system is currently at the final stage of its implementation.

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