The reception for Greek Members of the European Parliament which Cedefop organised at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art on the opening day of the Thessaloniki International Fair (6 September) was a resounding success.
Eight Members of the European Parliament participated, along with a vice-minister, municipal authorities, ambassadors and consuls, representatives of regional authorities and leading academics. The Director of Cedefop, Aviana Bulgarelli, emphasised the contribution of Cedefop to the local society and economy and pointed out that thanks to the presence of the Centre, Thessaloniki has become the centre of Europe for vocational training.

Ms Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou, Vice-President of the European Parliament, and Ms Maria Panayotopoulou-Kassiotou and Ms Evangelia Tsampazi, Members of the European Parliament, were invited as speakers. In her speech, Ms Kratsa stressed the importance of good relations between Cedefop and the European Parliament, and highlighted the importance of Cedefops work by saying that she herself has used Cedefops results repeatedly, e.g. in her quality as member of the Tourism Committee to promote training in this sector, in the Employment and Social Affairs Committee and, above all, in the Budget Control Committee.