As part of the European youth guarantee, Erasmus+, the European Union’s programme for education, training and lifelong learning, has earmarked financial support for apprenticeship schemes, including the formation of apprenticeship alliances involving countries or social partner organisations. The conference hopes to help potential partners find each other.

The 7 and 8 May event is part of Cedefop’s support to the European alliance for apprenticeships, which aims to increase the number and scope of apprenticeships and improve their quality and image.

Apprenticeships are one of the pillars of youth guarantee programmes, which Member States are establishing in order to help young people get a foothold in the labour market.

To make sure new apprenticeship schemes succeed, the event addresses government representatives and social partners. The aim is to involve all labour market actors from the outset.

Cedefop has planned a highly interactive structure, bringing participants together in formal and informal groups of varied composition in order to kick-start bilateral/multilateral partnerships between countries. Participants will learn about possible financial support for such partnerships.

For the programme and other useful information, visit the conference website.

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