An event organised by Eurostat and official partner, Cedefop

Objectives of the event

  • To present achievements in the setting up of the Web intelligence hub (WIH) and how it can answer one of the most pressing policy questions in Europe, the changing demand for skills and skills shortages.
  • To show that the statistical community, working together and collaborating with Cedefop, can play an important role in answering users’ needs for skills statistics and skills intelligence.
  • To demonstrate that the European Statistical System has gained the capacity to produce quality data from web sources and potential for further development.

This event has the potential to become a regular event of the WIH, in the future with another focus than skills.


The 2022 annual “State of the Union” address of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, on 14/09/2022, focused, among others, on skills. The President proposed to make 2023 the "European Year of Skills". This brought skills intelligence in a forefront of importance to inform policy makers about future skills needs.

In the context of the development of the Web Intelligence Hub (WIH), Eurostat and Cedefop have put a strong foundation for the use of Online Job Advertisements (OJA) to produce statistics. Online Job Advertisements (OJA) have proven to be a very valuable innovative source for measuring skills. The OJA data collection, set up initially by Cedefop and now run by Eurostat, is a cornerstone for building the WIH. The vocation and mandate of Cedefop to develop skills intelligence makes it a key partner to develop skills statistics. The WIH has already extracted data on skills and other variables from more than 200 million Online Job Advertisements for the 30 EU and EEA Members. Eurostat makes this data available 30 days after the reference period. Moreover, various proofs of concept of skills extractions (green skills, new emerging skills, digital skills) were developed. Scaling up these to regular production will bring high value to our understanding of employers’ demand for these specific skills.

The WIH goes beyond OJA. The Web Intelligence Network (WIN), composed of experts on web data from national statistical authorities, is working on the consolidation of other use cases, developing methodologies and quality standards, establishing good practices and exploring new innovative web sources. The WIN is being set up by a consortium of national statistical authorities led by Statistics Poland.

The WIH is part of the ESS innovation agenda, but it also represents the first steps from innovation to production, making more timelier and granular statistics a real possibility. The WIH is a statistical infrastructure fit for the future and puts the ESS in a better condition to respond to the challenges ahead, in particular when it comes to the use of content from the Web for statistical purposes.

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Jiří Braňka
Expert in skills trends and intelligence