The final conference of the REACTION project aims at an active exchange of expertise between stakeholders and professionals from the broad field of APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning). If you are working with APEL in higher education or adult education, in a professional context, in the social sector, on a policy level, with volunteers, in career counselling, ..., you are most welcome to attend!

This conference will offer you a unique opportunity to meet with stakeholders, practitioners and policy makers from across Europe that are all involved in the validation of non-formal and informal learning. Eight partners from seven different countries are participating in the REACTION project.

At this conference we will present the results of the research, the models and the training guidelines that this partnership has developed on APEL. Although the project focused on APEL in higher education and adult education, we want to broaden our horizon and present also some good APEL practices from other fields (professional context, social sector, business approach) during this conference. We will discuss APEL crossovers between different sectors and we will look ahead to future developments. As a participant you will be invited to formulate recommendations for further development of APEL in a European context.