The Council Resolution on strengthening policies, systems and practices in the field of guidance throughout life in Europe (2004) invites the Member States to create a suitable institutional environment and adequate systemic devices for converging strategies towards building national and regional lifelong guidance systems across sectors, with high levels of equity, efficiency and quality.
The European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network ELGPN (, established in 2007, is a strategic knowledge sharing alliance with the aim to create transnational synergies for improving the delivery and supporting the further development of public guidance services. The ELGPN network - consisting of individual national guidance forums described in the forthcoming Cedefop handbook - provides a platform for European and national level policy action that is based on effective leverage, exploitation and renewal of alliance knowledge and expertise.

The peer learning event will be targeted at 15-20 European policy- and decision makers, social partners, researchers, representatives of international associations that Cedefop will invite to contribute to the event. The event has a two-fold objective: on the one hand, the aim is to exchange expertise and experiences of designating national guidance forums as well as developing and implementing their action plans in an efficient and sustainable way with a strong future orientation. On the other hand, the event aims at stimulating future action on reinforcing the role of the national guidance forums as well as on bringing all key players and stakeholders more strongly into the discussion of lifelong guidance policy making in the Member States and at the EU level.

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04/06/2008 - 05/06/2008
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Cedefop, Thessaloniki
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Mika Launikari
Lifelong Guidance Project Manager
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