The conference "International Promotion of Higher Education - Experiences and Challenges" is the closing event of the project entitled "Building Capacities of East-Central-Europe National Agencies to Promote Higher Education Outside the EU".
The conference is planned to:
  • share the results and outcomes of the project with other EU member states and candidate countries,
  • to be a platform for addressing strategic questions of internationalisation of higher education, and
  • for capacity building of professionals working in this field.

Main topics to be discussed at the conference:

  • Strategic Issues - Why is it important for European countries to promote their higher education systems globally?
  • Global Tendencies - What are the trends and challenges in international cooperation, mobility and recruitment?
  • Implementation - How to develop quality English language programmes and manage foreign student communities? 
  • - Case Studies - Practices of higher education institutions for enhancing promotion


Event details

Event Date(s)
23/03/2009 - 24/03/2009
Event Type
Budapest, Hungary