The European Democratic Education Conference, EUDEC 2008, will be a meeting for people involved or interested in democratic education in Europe.

The conference aims not only to support the exchange of ideas between democratic schools but also to give interested members of the general public an opportunity to learn more about democratic education in theory and practice. The inspiration for this conference comes from IDEC, the International Democratic Education Conference, which has taken place every year since 1993 in a different part of the world, hosted by democratic schools.

Many participants from European countries have been complaining for years that they can only participate in IDECs at great cost in time and money, and that it is often completely unaffordable for students. Over time, participants from around the world have begun to discuss the value of additional meetings at a regional level. In August 2006, a group of people from several European countries met at Sands School in England and decided to take on the project of organising a European conference. The idea for EUDEC was born.

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25/07/2008 - 03/08/2008
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