The purpose of this contract is to engage in qualitative and quantitative research of the scope, patterns and challenges of continuous learning, skills development and skills matching of individuals employed in new ICT-based forms of work, specifically in the platform or ‘gig’ economy. Based on robust primary and secondary research from a selected group of at least four online labour platforms the Contractor will provide in-depth understanding of crowd workers’ learning practices, in relation to their work context and drivers of skill needs, and the degree to which platform service markets promote effective development and utilisation of their skills. The contractor will also investigate and explore (formal or informal) certification practices adopted in platform service markets and seek for deeper insight into the challenges of facilitating inter-platform recognition and portability of workers’ skills. The aim of this contract is to collect new insights and inform the design of suitable policies for promoting effective learning practices among digital platform workers.

This call has been published in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union 2017/S 151-311932 of 09/08/17.

Deadline for submitting tenders: 27/09/2017 (17h00 for hand-delivered tenders).

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