Youthpass is a recognition tool for non-formal & informal learning in projects funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action and the European Solidarity Corps. It is a certificate accompanied by a process that supports reflection and documentation of learning.


Participants of the projects supported by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme and the European Solidarity Corps: mostly young people but also youth workers/leaders.


Date of creation of toolkit and periodicity of updates

Youthpass was launched in 2007. Updates and developments are made upon need; bigger updates have been necessary upon the change of the EU programme generations. 

Purpose of the toolkit

Youthpass has been developed to offer recognition of participation and learning in youth projects. Its objectives include:

  • Support to reflection upon the personal non-formal learning process and outcomes;
  • Strengthening the social recognition of youth work;
  • Support to the active European citizenship of young people and of youth workers by describing the value of their project;
  • Through raising awareness of and helping to describe and document the competences, enhance the employability of young people and youth workers.

Description of each of the tools

Youthpass includes:

  • tailor-made certificates for the various project formats;
  • online database for creating the certificates;
  • various educational support materials for youth workers and project leaders to implement the reflection process within the Erasmus+ projects.

Type of indicators used in the identification of learners at risk of early leaving

N/A. However, young people at risk of early school leaving and other young people with fewer opportunities are an important target group of Erasmus+ Youth in Action and are thereby also a target group for Youthpass.

Type of guidance given to users

The accompanying materials to Youthpass provide an in-depth explanation of the learning value of youth projects, and offer a variety of tools and methods to enhance the reflection process within the youth projects. The youth workers/leaders are also supported by various training activities carried out within the framework of Erasmus+ Youth in Action, that include the aspect of supporting and facilitating learning.

Source of information of the different tools

Youthpass has been developed and is maintained and developed further by SALTO Training and Cooperation Resource Centre, in the name of the European Commission. The Youthpass tools have been developed and tested within the context of the EU youth programme. Developments are pursued in consultation with various stakeholders of the youth field, including the users of the programme, institutional representatives and other experts.

Link/s to the toolkit and further information


Youthpass website