The ProfilPASS is a portfolio of self-evaluation tools to support young volunteers to evaluate and reflect on their abilities, competences and skills developed while volunteering as possible pathways towards employment.


  • Young volunteers (17-30 years old) entering the job market,
  • Students in a volunteering experience.

Date of creation of toolkit and periodicity of updates

Developed in 2017. No updates scheduled.

Purpose of the toolkit

The ProfilPASS is a portfolio of tools for self-evaluation to support young volunteers to self-evaluate and self-reflect on their abilities, competences and skills developed while volunteering as possible pathways towards employment.

The portfolio supports young volunteers in recognising the skills they have developed. It allows the volunteers to receive a certificate that validates the skills acquired.

Description of each of the tools

Exercises to self-evaluate and recognise skills and competences developed while volunteering:

  1. Tool to evaluate and reflect on volunteering activities: aims to raise awareness of all the skills participants learnt. At the end of the exercise participants should have an overview of their competencies and have the ability to present them to others.
  2. Overview of competences: this tool helps to take stock of skills in the context of lifelong learning.
  3. Next steps: this tool helps participants to identify next steps towards possible employment and entering professional life, involvement and improvement of skills within further activities, e.g. volunteering.

Type of indicators used in the identification of learners at risk of early leaving

The portfolio of tools provides guidance and explanation on how to use them. It can be used with the support of volunteer managers that can host a session explaining the tools and then a final session after the portfolio is completed to compile the certificate.

The tools are supported by a step-by-step guide on how to implement the activities and exercises to identify the competences developed and transfer them into tangible skills.

Source of information of the different tools

  • The ProfilPass was developed within the Erasmus+ project European Volunteer Inclusion Program (EuroVIP) implemented by a consortium of Civil Society Organizations.
  • The project aims to validate the skills and competences of young adults during volunteer activities and to promote volunteering as valuable for entrance into the labour market.
  • The portfolio was tested in pilot projects.


Portfolio for Volunteering Experience based on the ProfilPASS