"Film your job" aims to promote apprenticeships by introducing young people to apprenticeship and trades through short videos shared on a dedicated platform as well as on social media.


The videos are made by the apprentices. Other young people watch the videos on their own or are encouraged by their teaches or information and guidance centres.


Country/ies or organisation that developed the tool


Date of creation of toolkit and periodicity of updates


The platform is technically improved approximately every 3 years. There is one video contest every year. Young people can add videos all year round.

Purpose of the toolkit

The tool aims to emphasise the value of apprentices, apprenticeships and trades (on all levels) and make these trades better known among young people. In addition, it aims to break prejudices about apprenticeship training.

Description of each of the tools

Video contest is organised every year. The contest is promoted through social media, presentations at schools and flyers. Participants film themselves at their workplace and publish the video on the website dedicated to the project and sharers it within his/her social network. Users can vote and comment on the video.

The jury meets and votes for the best videos after which an award ceremony is organised by National Apprentices Association of France (ANAF).

Type of guidance given to users

Information about the value of apprenticeships and diversity of trades available for a future career.

Source of information of the different tools

This project is implemented in a partnership with schools, French regions, companies and non-governmental organisations.

Link/s to the toolkit and further information


The filme ton job website