Is the approach to tackling early leaving from VET in your institution comprehensive? Check here!

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This tool is intended to help Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers to reflect about their actions to tackle early leaving, and provide a method for the development of an action plan to improve them.

You will be asked to reflect on the trends and features of early leaving in your institution, and analyse the approach taken to tackle early leaving in six areas:

  • institutional strategy,
  • actors,
  • coordination mechanisms,
  • resources,
  • monitoring, and
  • evaluation.

Based on your answers, the tool will help you design an action plan to develop the strategies for tackling early leaving from VET in your institution.

You can use the tool as many times as you want. ​Cedefop does not access, collect, or further process the answers submitted to the tool. It is a self-service tool – you only can see your answers and final results.

The tool is designed for VET school heads and other staff responsible for coordinating actions to prevent early leaving in schools or companies providing work-based learning.
The tool may also be of interest to local authorities and civil society organisations cooperating with VET providers, to increase their understanding of VET measures to tackle early leaving.

This tool proposes concrete steps to understand the current patterns of early leaving in a given VET provider (VET school or company providing work-based learning), analyse the actions to tackle this phenomenon, and develop an action plan to improve the institutional approach.
It proposes questions for reflection, a screening tool to assess the current institutional approach to tackle early leaving, and a template to develop the action plan, which can be used as part of an individual or group exercise.