In order to provide practitioners and policy-makers with practical support, Cedefop launched the VET toolkit for tackling early leaving in May 2017 and its updated edition in 2019.

 The toolkit is a product of Cedefop's work on Early leaving from education and training and it is designed to:

  • help young people at risk of becoming early leavers to remain in education and training and to acquire qualifications;
  • help early leavers to reintegrate into education or training and the labour market.

This Europe-wide toolkit includes:

Who is the VET toolkit for?

The toolkit aims to help VET practitioners and policy-makers to tackle early leaving at every stage, from identifying learners at risk and monitoring early school leavers, throughout the development and implementation of measures to support them, to evaluation of measures to help improve provision.

People working in ministries, VET schools, companies, guidance centres, public employment services, social services, or youth organisations will find the toolkit useful.

How can the VET toolkit be used?

The toolkit offers resources from all European countries and can be used to:

Cedefop provides a range of suggested activities for making the most of the toolkit.

How can I get involved?

You can:

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