NEETs’ family socioeconomic background, economic deprivation, level of parental education along with the parental interest in the child’s education are strong predictors of becoming NEET. Furthermore, young people having one or both parents unemployed and with a low household income are more likely to become NEET than others. Having parents who experienced unemployment increases the probability of being NEET by 17%. Additionally, those with parents with a low level of education are up to 1.5 times more likely to be NEET than those young people whose parents have a secondary level of education and up to 2 times more likely than those whose parents have a tertiary level of education.

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    Good practices
    Good practice
    Projeto CLICK-Ativar Competências para a Empregabilidade

    CLICK functions as a mediation project between job supply and demand, working as a complementary tool to public employment services. The scope of this project is twofold including the development of soft skills among vulnerable or unemployed people and actions for raising awareness about social responsibility among potential employers. By joining efforts with multiple stakeholders and working closely with the actual beneficiaries, the project aims to make the “click” in their lives.

    Good practice
    Rete Integrata per i Giovani del Vicentino

    In Italy, one of the main difficulties of the Youth Guarantee Programme in the course of the first phase was to reach and engage the most discouraged NEETs from social backgrounds characterised by high levels of poverty that affected their ability to enter and remain within training and education courses, to gain work experience and to find out about the possibilities offered by the Programme.

    Good practice
    Mobile Gaming App for Identification and documentation of Skills and Competences for disadvantaged young NEETs

    Getting NEETs back on track by the "VET-ification" of gaming to encourage them to take part in Vocational Education and Training (VET) or at least get in touch with VET.