The Mobility Scoreboard for IVET is a tool for assisting policy-making in the broad area of international learning mobility in IVET. It is intended for EU level and national level policy-makers; VET institutions; mobility agencies; companies involved in mobility; guidance institutions; staff involved in organising mobility activities; IVET learners and their organisations; experts; researchers; and the wide public.


How to use the scoreboard? The tools below will allow you to retrieve various types of information

Type of information needed Most relevant tool(s)
Analysing a given country
Quick overview of a given country’s strengths and weaknesses Scorecards – See country’s specific scorecard
Detailed picture of a country’s policies, structures and practices Country fiches – See country’s specific fiche
Policy suggestions for ways ahead for a given country Country fiches – See country’s specific fiche:
  • Section 2 in every thematic Part
  • Part 11 of fiche (overall synthesis)
Analysing a set of countries OR Comparing a country to others
Countries’ performance in a given key action area Indicators
Diversity of countries’ situations in a given topic – Quick overview Maps
Cross-country report on state-of-play in a given topic – Detailed overview Country fiches – Select a topic and tick all countries to compare how they go about it
Countries by level of overall average performance, all mobility areas taken together Overview Tables 1A and 1B
Areas of strength and weakness for the EU as a whole Overview Tables 2 and 3
Spotting good-performing countries, sources of good practices, and getting inspiration for ways ahead Overview Table 3 and country fiches
In any given criterion column or indicator column of Overview Table 3, good performing countries (whose fiches describe good practices as inspiration source for ways ahead) are signaled in green colour.
Identifying poor-performing countries where priority action is needed Overview Table 3
In any given criterion column or indicator column of Overview Table 3, poor performing countries are signaled in orange and red colours.
Searching a topic
Looking for information on any given topic addressed in the scoreboard Country fiches
  • Select All countries, All parts, and the year of interest, then Apply
  • Once the result is displayed, select Export In PDF
  • Save the PDF file
  • Use the Find function (Ctrl+F) to look for your word(s) / topic(s) of interest