Indicators show how performance is distributed across countries. Performance is understood in terms of meeting the requirements of the “Youth on the move” Recommendation. Ten “thematic” indicators and four “transversal” indicators are presented. Each thematic indicator accounts for performance in a given thematic area. Transversal indicators account for countries’ performance in setting up overall targets for mobility policy, coordinating and evaluating mobility policy, and approaching mobility policy in a “strategic” way. The indicators are qualitative. They sum up countries’ situation through using a traffic light type colour code. The list of indicators is as follows:

Thematic indicators

Indicator 1
Information and guidance
Indicator 2
Administrative and institutional issues
Indicator 3
Recognition of learning outcomes
Indicator 4
Partnerships and funding
Indicator 5
Motivating for mobility
Indicator 6
Long-term preparation for mobility
Indicator 7
Quality of mobility
Indicator 8
Portability of grants and loans
Indicator 9
Specific support to disadvantaged learners
Indicator 10
Involving multipliers

Transversal indicators

Indicator 11
Transversal performance in setting up targets for the mobility policy
Indicator 12
Transversal performance in coordinating the mobility policy
Indicator 13
Transversal performance in evaluating the mobility policy
Indicator 14
Transversal performance in terms of strategy

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