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Mobility scoreboard database


Maps featuring the situations of countries with regard to IVET mobility are available on the following themes:

1 Information and guidance

Map 1A
Provision of information and guidance on international mobility for IVET learners
Map 1B
Countrywide coordination of the provision of information and/or guidance
Map 1C
Actions to improve the provision of information and guidance

2 Administrative and institutional issues

Map 2A
Integration of mobility experiences in curricula and setting of policy targets
Map 2A
Integration of mobility experiences in curricula and setting of policy targets
Map 2B
Measures taken to smooth the delivery of visas and residency permits
Map 2C
Measures to reduce the administrative burdens induced by arranging mobility
Map 2D
Removing the legal obstacles that may hinder the mobility of minor learners
Map 2E
Coordination of actions
Map 2F
Evaluation of actions

3 Recognition of learning outcomes

Map 3A
Scope of recognition of learning acquired abroad by IVET learners
Map 3A
Scope of recognition of learning acquired abroad by IVET learners
Map 3B
Countrywide coordination of the approach to recognition
Map 3C
Time limit for processing applications and/or granting recognition
Map 3D
Policy to make more visible contact points for information on recognition
Map 3E
Use of EU tools to enhance visibility, transfer and recognition
Map 3F
Evaluation of the recognition policy

4 Partnerships and funding

Map 4A
Actions to support the creation of mobility partnerships and networks
Map 4B
Actions to fund the international mobility of IVET learners
Map 4C
Actions to support companies and institutions in organising mobility projects
Map 4D
Coordination of the partnerships and funding policy

5 Motivating learners to participate in mobility

Map 5A
Motivation: Policy targets setting
Map 5B
Motivation: Action taking
Map 5C
Motivation: Coordination of actions
Map 5D
Motivation: Evaluation of actions

6 Preparation for mobility

Map 6A
Preparation: Policy targets setting
Map 6B
Preparation: Action taking
Map 6C
Preparation: Coordination of actions
Map 6D
Preparation: Evaluation of actions
Map 6E
Preparation: Learners' involvement


Map 7A
Quality: Policy targets setting
Map 7B
Quality: Action taking
Map 7C
Quality: Coordination of actions
Map 7D
Quality: Evaluation of actions
Map 7E
Quality: Learners' involvement

8 Portability of grants and loans

Map 8A
Portability: Policy targets setting
Map 8B
Portability: Action taking
Map 8C
Portability: Coordination of actions
Map 8D
Portability: Evaluation of actions
Map 8E
Portability: Learners' involvement

9 Support to disadvantaged learners

Map 9A
Disadvantaged learners: Policy targets setting
Map 9B
Disadvantaged learners: Action taking
Map 9C
Disadvantaged learners: Coordination of actions
Map 9D
Disadvantaged learners: Evaluation of actions
Map 9E
Disadvantaged learners: Learners' involvement

10 Multipliers

Map 10A
Multipliers: Policy targets setting
Map 10B
Multipliers: Action taking
Map 10C
Multipliers: Coordination of actions
Map 10D
Multipliers: Evaluation of actions
Map 10E
Multipliers: Learners' involvement

11 Overall governance of the mobility policy

Map 11
Target setting in mobility policy in general
Map 12
Coordination of mobility policy in general
Map 13
Evaluation of mobility policy in general

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