The Cedefop/Photomuseum Prize 2010 has been awarded to Eileen Kennedy (US) for her collection ´Beyond Success´.

The biennial prize on the general theme of learning and working, awarded jointly by Cedefop and the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography and judged by an international panel, comprises a 5000 euro cash prize and an exhibition of the winning entry.

This year’s award ceremony took place on 9 June (20:30) at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. Theodora Tzakri, Vice-Minister for the Interior, Decentralisation and E-government, presented the award.  An exhibition of the winning entry of 2008, ‘Out on a limb’ by Myrto Papadopoulos, opened on the day of the ceremony at the Archaeological Museum and runs to 15 August.

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Invitation Photo Award 2010