Green Care is developing well. But are there enough possibilities for education and training for workers in Green Care in Europe?

This question is the basis of a focused survey in the framework of Cost Action 866: Green Care in Agriculture(

The main aim of Working Group 3 of the Action is to investigate how green care fits into current and future national health and social care systems. A crucial aspect in this respect is the educational provision for Green Care.

Therefore Alterra Wageningen UR (Dr. Bas Pedroli) has taken the initiative to do a survey about educational provision oh health care farming in Europe, carried out by a student of Dronten Professional Agricultural University. Results of this survey will be presented on the first COST Green Care Conference in Vienna on 20th June 2007.

We would appreciate very much if you could help us carrying out this survey by:
1. providing us information by filling a questionnaire on forms of education and training you are aware of (see below), and n
2. advising us on further contact persons to be approached (preferably with e-mail and telephone), not only in your own environment but eventually also in other countries; please do so by directly replying to this e-mail.

I would like to ask you to fill the attached questionnaire and please send it back to me by email:

It will take you just 20 min, but it will give a significant contribution in future organization of the green care system. Of course, every respondent will be receiving a copy of the resulting report of the survey in June.

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.
Olga Travkina
Phone number: +316 44681722

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