On the occasion of the Tripartite Social Summit ETUC, UNICE/UEAPME and CEEP presented the new EU social dialogue work programme for 2006-2008. The aim of this work programme is to contribute to growth, jobs and the modernisation of the EU social model.
The work programme 2006-2008 is the second multi-annual work programme of the EU social dialogue. It reflects a joint wish to further establish the social partners autonomy and builds on the achievements of the previous programme, which covered the period 2003-2005. The EU social dialogue work programme 2006-2008 includes a joint analysis of the key challenges facing Europes labour markets, the negotiation of a framework of actions on employment and one autonomous framework agreement. Other initiatives include studies on restructuring in the EU, capacity building for the social dialogue in new Member States and candidate countries and the development of a common understanding of social dialogue instruments. The full text of the work programme is annexed. In addition, ETUC, CEEP and UNICE/UEAPME presented the fourth and final report on the follow up to their framework of actions on life long learning.

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